Elite Automatic Door Locks – Product Details

Competitively priced Elite automatic locks produced in the EU. The Elite Automatic Door Lock has latch bolts that release automatically as the door is closed, triggers engage the top and bottom latch bolts into position. This enables the user to close the door and have it secured automatically without the need to lift the handle lever or turn the key.

  • Increased burglar protection with self-locking elements.
  • Latchbolts secured against manipulation when door is closed.
  • Standard and ‘Heritage’ Style Options.
  • Adjustable Keeps.
  • Extra latchbolt/pin on Heritage version.
  • Straight and Radiused end options available.
  • 45mm Backset, 20mm Faceplate. (16mm faceplate also available).
  • Suitable for timber and aluminium.

  • Elite Silbear Surface Protection exceeding 480 hours salt spray exposure (EN1675 Grade 5).
  • 10 Year Guarantee.

Ordering Information (Standard)

Ordering Information (Heritage)

Elite Automatic Lock with Deadbolt Keep