Duoflex Openers Specifications

Duoflex openers will restrict the opening of the window to approximately 150mm. A link bar will divide the opening gap in half, e.g. a 150mm opening will effectively become a 75mm opening, which meets recommendations for 2nd storey and higher windows. A minimum sash height of 250mm is required when butt hinges are used or 400mm if friction hinges are fitted. Pole operated devices are not recommended for windows above 3m from finished floor level or where windows are in deep reveal.

Duoflex Key Product Features

  • Stylish design to complement all building schemes.
  • Simple to adjust on site.
  • No need for packers.
  • 3 simple options.
  • Suitable for top hung open out windows.
  • Powder coated and plated finished available.
  • Tested to over 100,000 cycles.
  • Modular single, double or triple opener system.
  • Patent pending, application number GB1108140.3
  • Made in Britain.

The information on this page is intended as a guide only

We recommend that the link bar is approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the sash width. E.g. Sash width x 0.75 = link bar required, round up to nearest 50mm. The code for the link bar is STR4BAR00, a centre ring can be fitted, code STRX02100.

For operation with a pole for higher level windows (available in lengths: 1 metre – X02801011, 2 metre – X02802011 or 1.5 metre – X02801511.


We recommend that the link bar is approximately 2/3 to 3/4 of the sash width.

***Folding openers selection:

STRDUO120 = Recessed for Timber windows.
STRDUO220 = Flush for Aluminium windows.
STRDUO320 = Stepped for Pvc-u windows.
Depending on the size of the window one, two or three openers may be required.

Sash Width upto 600mm

Duoflex Sash Width upto 600mm

Sash Width upto 900mm

Duoflex Sash Width upto 900mm

Sash Width upto 1500mm

Duoflex Sash Width upto 1500mm

Components for sash width upto 600mm

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Silver Grey (EPS) 20, Satin Stainless Steel plated (SSSP) 44, Polished Brass Plated (PBP) 43, White (EPW) 25.

Components for sash width 600mm to 900mm

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Components for sash width 900mm to 1500mm

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Optional Extra

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