Aluminium Vents

Aluminium Vents

2500EA/5000EA Aluminium Vents

The best of both worlds… Achieves Building Regulations’ EA requirements along with fantastic acoustic performances up to 45dB(A).


  • Smallest acoustic aluminium vents providing 2500mm² or 5000mm² equivalent area ventilation on the market.
  • Achieves the best acoustic performance for window ventilators available in the UK – up to 45dB(A).
  • A simple, yet adaptable solution to meet required specification/Building Regulation requirements incorporating both high levels of equivalent area ventilation and acoustic noise reduction.

Sets comprise of:

1 EA Vent + 1 external acoustic module – providing noise reduction with discreet internal aesthetics.

1 EA Vent + 2 acoustic modules – (for internal and external installation) – providing maximum noise reduction.


2500EA Acoustic Internal

2500EA Internal Dimensions

5000EA Acoustic Internal

5000EA Internal Dimensions

2500EA Acoustic External

2500EA External Dimensions

5000EA Acoustic External

5000EA External Dimensions

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