Bendable Spacer Bar with Connector Inserted (5m)

A bendable spacer bar back welded and manufactured to have the mechanical characteristics required for automated manufacture. A special alloy and temper ensure that the corners are smooth and well formed. See our Standard Aluminium Spacer Bar here. 

Bendable Bar with Steel Connector Inserted

Bendable Bar with Steel Connector Inserted.

Bendable Aluminium Spacer Bar

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Straight Steel Connectors for Bendable Spacer Bar

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Bendable Bar Steel Connector

Straight Plastic Connectors for Bendable Spacer Bar

Straight Plastic Connector for Bendable Spacer Bar. Used for connecting bar lengths when feeding through bending machines.

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Bendable Bar Plastic Connector


The product is easier to handle and productivity is improved; i.e. less unpacking. Fork lift handling is easy. There is less waste packing material and the stillage is recycled.