Plastics Home Cream Fascia

Building Plastics

PVCu Fascias, PVCu soffits, PVCu cladding, window trims and window cills means installers can now offer everything they need for a quality  installation.

Fitting Home - Fix ALL


Soudal’s range includes core products such as the Fix ALL range of silicones, superglues, cleaners and foams. Look out for the Soudal logo throughout this section.

Plastics Home Rainwater

Rainwater Systems

Brett Martin’s Rainwater systems, fully tested for accelerated ageing in accordance with BS EN 607:2004 and loading capabilities have been tested to BS EN 1462:2004.

Plastics Home Packers

Packers & Gaskets

Used for protection and support, flat glass packers, bridge and frame packers, locking and handle wedges. Drain hole covers and wedge and repair gaskets.

Plastics Home Cleaning


A selection of glass cleaners, cream and solvent cleaners, wipes and sprays. Designed for use on most types of glass, mirror, plastic and hard surfaces such as chrome and laminates. Ideal for use in the double glazing industry.

Plastics Home Tapes


SGT super double sided security tape, tape applicators, trim mounting tape, protection tape and masking tape. For strong adhesion of sealed units or for decorating & surface protection purposes.

Plastics Home Tools


A selection of fitting tools including, moon knife, gasket shears, tape measure, razor blades, skeleton gun, foam gun, chisel knife, colour edging pens and window frame snapper.

Fitting Home Screws


The market leading brand, Rapierstar CE Marked screws offer superior performance and the best value for money window screw range as well as a cost effective guarantee of corrosion resistance.