UNI-JET D Face-Fix

The high quality UNI-JET D Tilt & Turn system is designed for PVC windows with drill-in or rebate corner hinges. With UNI-JET D, we provide a high-quality and very practical system that has been perfected by means of the central locking system concept. In this case the hinge-side is also supplemented with the standard UNI-JET product range; resulting in optimised stock keeping and reduced costs.

Design and Functionality

  • The hinge-side’s slimline aesthetics harmonises with the slimline profile design and with it enables a maximum glass surface.
  • The simple elegance of the UNI – JET D hinge-side emphasises the window’s aesthetics.
  • Stylish cover caps can be colour-matched to suit the window’s profile colour. Window handles are available in a choice of colours to complete the colour harmony.
  • The face-fix UNI-JET D hinge side flush with the sash overlap. The window retains it’s line management and high-quality appearance.
  • The integrated hardware enables easy and time saving window cleaning.
  • Jig required.


  • The 3D adjustment in the pivot rest and stay bearing compensates for installation tolerances and warrants long term operation and tightness.
  • The stay arm hinge is equipped with an integrated sash brake that compensates for installation and glazing tolerances. As a result, the sash does not close over on it’s own – even in draughty conditions.
  • The symmetrical drilling and screw-fixing pattern for both the stay bearing and pivot rest is designed in such a way as to ensure that the screw connection always reaches into the profile’s steel reinforcement.
  • Specially adapted hinge-side solutions are available for balcony and terrace doors with barrier free thresholds.
  • Rugged rebate corner hinges made of steel support even sashes with the heaviest of special glazing

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Gu Face Fix Diagram
Technical Details

1. Corner Transmission

2. Stay Arm Connecting Plate

3. Drive Gear 15mm Backset

4. Middle Lock Bottom

5. Middle Lock Bottom

6. Middle Lock Hinge Side

7. Sash Positioner

*For standard heights but widths 280-400mm the corner transmission 6-32224-00-01

8. Wedge Plate

9. TBT Locking Plate

10. Packer

11. Locking Plates

12. Stay Arm 13mm Groove

12a. Stay Hinge

13. Corner Bearing

14. Stay Arm Bearing

15. Cover Cap

* = Colour White (07) Brown (05)

16. Rebate Corner Hinge

17. Extension Piece