Multitech G Spacer Bar

Warm Edge Spacer Bar & Accessories

A range of Warm Edge Spacer Bar and accessories. Including Multitech G, Aluminium Spacer Bar and Duplex Systems.

Sealed Unit Home - Hotmelt

Hotmelt Insulating Glass Sealant

Hotmelt sealant. Automatic or manual application for adhesion of glass to spacer bar. Compatible with all premium spacers.

Sealed Unit Home - 2 Part

2 Part & Primary Sealants

Specially formulated sealant for edge sealing and insulating glass. Excellent for performance in terms of thermal insulation.

Sealed Unit Home - Desiccant

Superior Grade Desiccant

Superior grade standard and mini bead desiccant. DGS exclusive, suitable for all gas filling types and solvent free sealing systems.

Sealed Unit Home - Decorative

Decorative Products

Decorative products including, aluminium Georgian bar, Georgian bar and decorative lead products.


Cloth & Protection Tape, Spacer Bar Tapes and PTFE Rolls.

Sealed Unit Home - Consumables


Cleaning products and sealed unit consumables. Including products from our exclusive Tradeseal range.

Sealed Unit Home - Glass Tools

Glass Tools

Glass cutters, Glass lifters, t square, lead roller, boning peg, Glas O Meter, suction lathe and more.