GT Sash Seal Product Information

Sash Seal is a spring device designed to improve the seal of a sash at the hinged side of a window. It consists of 1 acetal moulding and 1 spring steel component designed to universally fit all 13mm and 17mm stack height systems.

The simple act of closing the window causes the unique Sash Spring to push against the Frame Wedge to ensure an efficient seal.

  • Universal – accommodates almost all the current easy-clean and egress stays available.
  • Universal – fits any window that uses standard stays.
  • Universal – solution for Aluminium, PVCu, and Timber frames.
  • Universal – one spring steel component with either 13mm or 17mm acetal wedge.
  • Benefit – saves call out costs to leaking casement windows.
  • Benefit – one component fits all.
Sash Seal

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