DGS Window Restrictor 6 Inch

DGS 6” Restrictors

Manufactured in the UK by DGS, this restrictor enables the user to permanently restrict a window opening up to 100mm.


DGS 10″ Restrictors

This device enables the user to restrict a door opening to 90 degrees and may also be used as a window restrictor and larger windows.

Elite Hinge Protectors

Elite Hinge Protectors

When using DGS Friction Stays consider using the Elite Hinge Protector. Manufactured exclusively in the UK.

Restrictor Safety Catch

To limit window openings to a maximum of 100mm. Ideal for new or retrofit installations.

Cable Restrictor

Cable Restrictors

Fitted within minutes, a simple, affordable and effective solution for restricting a window.

Stay Guard

Stay Guard

A simple and effective way to enhance window security.

Sash Seal

Sash Seal

To improve the seal of a sash at the hinged side of a window.