A range of remote window openers.

For high level or hard to reach windows. They operate manually by simply winding a handle or electronically at the push of a button.

Before ordering the following information is required:

1. Do you require a manual or electric system?

2. Window Information
A: Dimensions
B: Material
C: Glazing
D: Type of hinges
E: Hinge position

3. Window Positions
A: Number of windows
B: Distance of operating handle to opening sash (sketch required)

If electrical system, do you require:
A: 24vDC or 230vAC
B: Manual or Automatic

For manual or electrical systems butt hinges are preferred. If friction hinges are fitted, ensure the friction element is removed to allow free movement.

A sketch of the windows and layout will allow your needs to be easily identified and will allow specifying to be more accurate.

Once you have this information, please contact your local branch for a bespoke quotation.

Single Vent

Highline - Single Vent

Double Vent

Highline - Double Vent

Ordering Information

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