Elite Cylinders by DGS

Available In standard, 1 Star and 3 Star variants with exclusive and patented features.

Euro Cylinders are widely used on doors in both commercial and domestic properties and the ELITE range of euro cylinders are premium quality, high security and fully accredited* to cover all fabrication needs right through to the latest New Build standards. (* 1 star and 3 Star variants )

Kitemark and Star Ratings

A kitemark and star rating system is applied to products that have been tested to show security against most cases of attack and the levels of protection range from non-rated, 1 star and the top level 3 star. An example is that a 1 star euro cylinder can be used in conjunction with a 2 star handle to achieve the equivalent standard of a 3 star euro cylinder.

The Elite Range

The Elite range is easily identified by its clear and concise colour coded boxes; standard is in BLUE, 1 Star is in RED and with patented features for top levels of security is the Elite 3 star in a BLACK box.
Elite Standard Cylinders

Elite Cylinders

Elite Cylinders comply to the requirements of BS EN1303 Grade 3.

Elite 1 Star Cylinders

Elite 1 Star Cylinders

High specification TS007 1 star rated cylinder. (KM 658144)

Elite 3 Star Cylinders

High specification TS007 3 star rated cylinder. (KM 561977)