CE Marked Screws from Rapierstar

DGS Group Plc. Provides high quality screws for the door and window industry throughout the UK and Ireland across our 11 branches.

Tested for safety. Tested for Quality.

Screws are tested for plating depth and corrosion resistance using internationally accepted test equipment. Salt spray testing is in accordance with BS EN1670:2007 service classes according to BS EN ISO 9227 and to UKAS requirements.

Carbon steel screws are routinely tested to 300 hours and our enhanced martensitic stainless steel carries certification beyond 3000 hours salt spray test.

Star PVCU, StarTurn and StarFix available. 

Rapierstar Testing

Features and Benefits

  • Laser sorting removes swarfe = No clogged auto-feed machines.
  • Ductility tested to acknowledged standards = Screws will not break.
  • Plating is checked for depth and consistency = Plating is quality assured.
  • Recess measured and tested for wobble = Easier and safer insertion.
  • Salt spray tested in accordance with ISO9227:2012 = Corrosion resistance exceeds UK and international standards.
  • Torque tested = Screws will not shear.
  • Tested to detect Hydrogen embrittlement = Screws will not suffer delayed failure.
  • Tested for speed of insertion = Faster production.
  • Tested for pull out = More secure fastening.

CE Marked

Star PVCu Screws
StarPVCu Screws

Furniture to PVCu Screws

Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel with corrosion resistance. Screws for Door and Window applications.

 StarTurn Screws

Wood Screws and Others

The comprehensive Star Turn range comprehensive solution to many fixing applications.

StarFix Screws

Masonry Screws

Safe and strong installations with a 7.5mm diameter steel fixing into brick, stone, concrete or wood.