Universal Low Threshold

A new Universal Low Threshold system for both Residential and Composite doors. Low Threshold makes for easier access for the disabled or elderly. This reduces the step height and offers the lowest effective step height in the industry.

  • Multiple threshold options: – One threshold does inward and outward opening. – One threshold does PVCu and composite doors. – One threshold does on sill fitting or Part M (with ramps)
  • Thermally broken with wide effective thermal break.
  • Available in Silver and Gold finishes.
  • Internal end caps: – make combination frames much simpler. – means easier to retro fit and replace damaged or wrong colour fit due to   fixing screw positioning. (other systems screw either underneath or to the back   of the profile meaning the door frame would have to be removed in a retro fit  situation).
  • High weather performance with large front soft seal.

Inward Opening Threshold

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Outward Opening Infill

(to make above outward opening)

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End Cap Fitting

Inward and Outward Opening

Front and Rear Ramps

(Front ramp required for Part M compliance if going directly on floor) (Rear ramp required if inside floor level is too low)

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Subsill Threshold

(MDS Inward opening threshold where longer nose is required for PVC sill) (OUM Outward opening threshold where longer nose is required for PVC sill)

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Bottom Door Infill Bar

(C/W rebated eurogroove endcaps)

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End Caps

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