Spacer Bar Printing

DGS are one of the biggest distributors of warm edge bar, printing over 10 million metres of warm edge bar per year. We supply on time every time. We have ink jet lines printing warm edge bar full time and because we use our own fleet of vehicles to deliver, we carefully handle stock to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

The service we offer allows your company details to be printed directly onto the bar as shown here. For black spacer bar blue ink is used and for grey spacer bar black ink is used.

Printed Spacer Bar Colours
Multitech G Spacer Bar

Multitech G

Best thermal performance of any Warm Edge Spacer Bar. Certified by IFT Rosenheim.

Spacer Home - Chromatech Ultra

Chromatech Ultra

Warm edge spacer bar with APB polymer barrier on a stainless steel back – excellent combination.

Warm Edge Keys

Multi purpose warm edge accessories. Manufactured specifically for warm edge bar.

Spacer Home - Chromatech Plus


FERROTECH spacer bar is made of galvanised steel and is characterized by a thermal conductivity lower than that of aluminium.

Spacer Home - Duplex Key System

Duplex Key Spacer System

The duplex key system uses standard spacer to create the illusion of individual glazed units.

Spacer Home - Super Spacer

Super Spacer

Super Spacer is a warm edge flexible structural foam with built in desiccant. Available in reels or packs.

Spacer Home - Standard Spacer

Standard Aluminum Bar & Keys

Standard version (for cut and key system) suitable for manual sealed unit assembly.

Spacer Home - Bendable Spacer

Bendable Aluminium Spacer

A bendable spacer bar back welded with the characteristics for automated manufacture.