Desiccant Testing Kit

A quality testing kit which includes beakers, funnel and thermometer. Suitable for testing Glasmol Standard Desiccant.

Superior Grade Desiccant DGS 3Å Molecular Sieve has been specifically developed for use in insulating glass production. The product is suitable for all gas filling types and solvent free sealant systems. This product is fully compliant with EN 1279-4 : 2018. To view our Superior Grade Desiccant click here.

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Delta T Test Procedure For Glasmol Desiccant

The test kit must be completely dry before each test. The dry absorbent must be stored in a tightly closed container, and should not be allowed to come into contact with air more than is absolutely necessary.

Fig. 1

Attention Dry Thermometer 

Weigh 50 grams sieve, measure T1-S. Should be 18-22 Celsius.

Fig. 2

Fill 50ml of water. Measure T1-W. Should be 18-22 Celsius.

Fig. 3

Fill water into reaction beaker and place thermometer into reaction beaker.

Fig. 4

Place the funnel and fill the sieve into the beaker.

Fig. 5

Wait for the vapour release for 3 seconds and stir 10 times slowly. Measure the peak temperature. (T2)