Desiccant Testing Kit

Desiccant Testing Kit, a quality testing kit which includes digital thermometer, glass beaker and scales. To view our Superior Grade Desiccant click here.

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Delta T Test Procedure

The test kit must be completely dry before each test. The dry absorbent must be stored in a tightly closed container, and should not be allowed to come into contact with air more than is absolutely necessary.

Fig. 1
• Fill up the beaker with20ml (±1ml) of water.
• Turn on the thermometer and set it to ˚C unit of measurement.
• Unfold it in a reversed V shape. Immerge the metal stick into the 20ml of water and rest the thermometer into the beaker.
• Write down the temperature displayed on the thermometer as T0, which should be 20˚C (±1˚C ).

Desiccant Testing Fig.2

Fig. 2
• Install the two AAA batteries into the digital scale. Slide the protective cap off the digital scale and place it flat on the table.
• Turn on the digital scale and place the measuring cup on the scale platform. Press TARE in order to level the weight to “0”.
• Pour 20g (±1g) of desiccant into the measuring cup.

Desiccant Testing Fig.3

Fig. 3
• Pour the 20g of desiccant into the 20ml of water and stir it with the thermometer stick for about 5 to 10 seconds in order to fully activate the desiccant.
• Watch the thermometer raise until it reaches its highest value. Record the highest calue as T1.
• The Delta-T value Δ T is therefore the result from the equation T1-T0= Δ T.
• We recommend a Δ T of ≥25˚C.