For almost 100 years Gretsch-Unitas have been offering its customers a complete range of construction fittings and GU Door Locks. Always innovative, Gretsch-Unitas is constantly “Securing technology for you”.

Within the past few years, the GU Group has rapidly developed from a medium-sized company to an enterprise with global activities, having entered the European and Eastern European markets and the markets in America and Far East likewise.

With GU-SECURY multi point door locks you receive a security system customised to your individual entrance situation, regardless of whether it is timber, steel, aluminium or PVC door.

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GU Home - Rhino Standard 2 Hook 2 Roller

Rhino Standard 2 Hook 2 Roller

Rhino Standard 2 Hook 2 Roller Door Lock

GU Home - Rhino 2 Hook

Rhino 2 Hook

Rhino 2 Hook Door Lock

GU Home - Rhino Compact 2 Hook 2 Roller

Rhino Compact 2 Hook 2 Roller

Compact 2 H 2R with Individual Keeps

Europa 3 Deadbolt

Europa 3 Deadbolt with Individual Keeps

Stable Door

Stable Door with 2 Hook Latch and Deadbolt

French Door Slave Lock

French Door Slave Leaf with Shootbolts