Superior Grade Standard & Mini Bead Desiccant

Exclusive to DGS, our 3Å Molecular Sieve has been specifically developed for use in insulating glass production. The product is suitable for all gas filling types and solvent free sealant systems.

This product is fully compliant and manufactured to ISO 9001: 2000 quality management systems. Click here to see our desiccant testing kit. 

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  • High K (Potassium) content 3Å sieve

  • High moisture capacity according to EN1279 PT4 2018 AWAC ≥16%.

  • Specifically developed for insulating glass production with solvent free sealants
  • Low initial moisture levels maximise field performance.

  • Achieves low dew point temperatures over a long period of time to minimise pane deflection and danger of glass breakage.

  • Low gas desorption minimises seal stress and maximises unit life.

  • Low static charge optimises production cycle.

  • Low dust index for cleaner filling and less contamination

  • Certified for air and gas filling and less contamination
  • REACH Compliant 01-2119429034-XX-XXXX.

  • Conical shaped: Drums mean less wasted space as empty drums can be stacked inside of each other.

Standard Bead Ordering Information

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Mini Bead Ordering Information

Mini bead desiccant is designed for warm edge bars. As the walls of the bar are thicker this reduces the internal space and means less desiccant will fit in. By using mini bead you are adding more desiccant and therefore prolonging the life of the sealed unit.

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Glasmol Desiccant has full REACH registration and certification
from IFT Rosenheim.