GU Uni-Jet S Concealed Tilt and Turn

The UNI-JET-S-CONCEALED hardware system is designed for enhanced requirements in PVC and timber windows and balcony doors. Individual window design options are possible with UNI-JET S-CONCEALED. The UNI-JET S-CONCEALED hardware was successfully subjected to a durability test with 15,000 cycles in accordance with EN 13126-8 and with this, fulfills the requirements specified in the European Standard.

Design and Functionality

  • Plenty of scope for design creativity thanks to floor-to-ceiling sash rebate heights of up to 2800mm currently in fashion.
  • Your field of vision is not distracted by hinges but rather by the window’s handle and design.
  • Thanks to the interior rebate gasket, the formation of condensation in the window’s rebate is successfully prevented and it’s sound proof characteristics are enhanced.
  • A technically and aesthetically perfected hardware system with well-proven quality and performance characteristics from Gretsch-Unitas.
  • The window profile colours can be selected completely independent of the hardware component’s surface finish.

Design Advantages

  • The hardware components are not damaged or soiled on the building site as these are protected in the rebate. Cumbersome and time consuming taping work is no longer necessary.
  • Suitable for sash weights up to 130kg without any additional machining.
  • A wide opening angle of up to 100° provides an unrestricted view.
  • Possible opening types: Tilt and Turn, Tilt-First, Tilt-Only, Turn-Only and 2 sashed windows with dummy mullion.
  • Certified burglar inhibition up to Burglary Resistance Grade 2 (‘WK2’) in accordance with ENV 1627-1630.

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GU Concealed Diagram
Technical Details

1. Corner Transmission

2. Stay Arm Connecting Plate

3. Drive Gear 15mm Backset

4. Middle Lock Bottom

5. Middle Lock Bottom

6. Middle Lock Hinge Side

7. TBT Locking Plate

8. Packers

9. Locking Plates

10.  Sash Positioner

12. Stay Arm 13mm Groove

13. Hinge Packer

15. Corner Bearing

16. Sash Bearing

17. Extension Piece