Window Gearing

Duoflex: The openers will restrict the opening of the window to approximately 150mm. A link bar will divide the opening gap in half, e.g. a 150mm opening will effectively become a 75mm opening, which meets recommendations for 2nd storey and higher windows. A minimum sash height of 250mm is required when butt hinges are used or 400mm if friction hinges are fitted. Pole operated devices are not recommended for windows above 3m from finished floor level or where windows are in deep reveal.

Highline: A range of remote window openers for high level or hard to reach windows. They operate manually by simply winding a handle or electronically at the push of a button.

Duoflex Openers

Suitable for top hung open out windows.

Highline Window Gearing

Highline Gearing

For high level or hard to reach windows.