Standard Aluminium Spacer Bar

Induction Welded Aluminium Spacer Bar Standard version (for cut and key system) back welded aluminium spacer bar suitable for manual sealed unit assembly.

  • Manufactured to extremely fine tolerances on high technology equipment.
  • Absolutely rigid with non torsional flex.
  • Continuously ventilated with superb breathing characteristics.
  • Simple to drill for Georgian frames.
  • Standard 6.5mm height throughout the entire range.
  • Available in mill finish, natural anodised, bronze, gold and white.
Standard Aluminium Spacer Bar Colours

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Standard 90° CORNER KEYS for Standard Spacer Bar (Black)

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Std Bar Corner Keys

FLEXI CORNER KEYS for Standard Spacer Bar

Ideal for conservatory roofs where irregular angles are required.

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Std Bar Flexi Keys

Gas Corner Keys (with hole or without hole) For Aluminium Spacer Bar

Method 1: Standard gas key and gas plug fill method.

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Std Gas Key No Hole

Available in Grey or Black (BK)

Std Gas Key With Hole

Available in Grey or Black (BK)

Std Gas Fill Plug 5.1

Gas Fill Plug 5.1mm

Std Gas Fill Plug 3.6mm

Gas Plug 3.6mm for 5.5mm Spacer

Standard Spacer Bar Gas Keys

Method 2: A more cost effective alternative to the gas key method and to be used where gas keys are not available in smaller bar sizes.

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Available in black (BK) e.g. GKS/6.8BK

Std Gas Fill Plug 4.4 - 7.2

Available in Grey or Black (BK)

Std Gas Fill Sleeves GKS and GKS/6.8

Available in Grey or Black (BK)


Sleeve Diagram
Plug Diagram