Composite Door Hinges (Flat)

  • Simple design.
  • Available in white or brown.
  • Prevents door drop.
  • Corrosion resistance to EN1670:2007 Grade 4.
  • Tested to a minimum 100,000 cycle operation lifespan.

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Composite Door Hinges (3D)

  • Simultaneous vertical adjustment across all hinges which ensures even load distribution.
  • All finishes UV rated.
  • Lateral adjustment is done in a single operation which gives a perfect alignment on the pivot axis.
  • Fits into rebate to give unobtrusive secure design.
  • A hinge with full 3D adjustment for a perfect door fit.
  • Sash can easily be removed from frame for easy installation.
  • Can achieve PAS 23/24 accreditation as part of a specific door assembly.
  • Pre-assembled, ready to fit design.
  • Guarantee – 10 years for mechanical.
  • 3 Hinges carry 100kg.
  • Maximum door size – 1m wide x 2.2m high.

Adjustment – lateral +/-3mm. Vertical +/-4mm. compression +/-1.75.

Product Material Specifiactions

  • Zinc die cast components.
  • Stainless steel parts – 430.
  • Plastic parts are Nylon 66, UV stabilised ABS.


  • Corrosion Tested to BS EN 1670
  • Painted finishes grade 5. Plated grade 4.
  • Tested to 100,000 cycles.
  • Can achieve PAS 23/24 as part of a specific door assembly.

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