The Best Thermal Performance of any Warm Edge Spacer Bar

MULTITECH G® is an innovative rigid spacer profile made of glass fibre reinforced polymer enhanced with a special entirely metal-free transparent multilayer gas barrier foil.

Thanks to the optimal thermal performance (λ 0.125 W/M²K), of this multilayer barrier, which is very thin but exceptionally durable, MULTITECH G® can be ranked as the warm edge spacer with the best linear thermal transmittance performance (Psi) on the market.

A MULTITECH G® spacer bar has the following dimensions: height of 6.5 mm, length of 5 metres, and width ranging from 7.5 to 26.5 mm. The thickness of 0.9 mm makes it resistant and particularly rigid.

MULTITECH G® can be bent using automatic bending machines with heating option, welded with special equipment, or simply cut and assembled with traditional corner keys.

  • Fully accredited by IFT Rosenheim and The German BF Institute.

  • Twin perforations for optimum airflow generating less seal stress.
  • The Multitech G® F polymer used ensures clean cuts, burr free and low static for easy desiccant filling.

  • Multitech G® uses a clear gas/MVTR barrier that eliminates a cosmetic problem so all you see is the colour of the secondary sealant/PIB along the shoulder of the spacer bar.

  • Exclusive to DGS Group.

Multitech G Bendable Spacer

Multitech G Spacer Bar Ordering Information

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** = Colour choice: Dark Grey RAL 9023 (GY), Black RAL 9005 (BK), White RAL 9016 (WH).

Multitech G Spacer Bar (Stillage) Ordering Information

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Other sizes available in stillage quantities

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