Best thermal performance of ANY Warm Edge Spacer Bar.

A new and innovative product with a wealth of product performance features designed to save you time, money and improved product performance.

  • Best thermal performance of any commercially available warm edge spacer at λ 0.125 W/M²K.
  • Certified by IFT Rosenheim.
  • Certified by BF German Warm Edge Group.
  • Unique clear SIOX multi layered moisture and gas barrier foil (a modified glass foil).

  • Unique SIOX foil gives optimum adhesion for longer unit life.
  • Twin perforations for optimum airflow generating less seal stress.
  • Engineering polymer used ensures clean cuts, burr free and low static for easy desiccant filling.
  • Produced and patented by Alupro the worlds largest IG spacer tube supplier and part of Glass Alliance IG Components Group incorporating Fenzi and Rolltech.
  • Superior reduction of CO² emissions and optimal energy saving.
Multitech G Bendable Spacer

Now available in the UK

The distinctive product has been proven in the European sector for the past 3 years and is now available in the UK and Ireland.

Now you see it..

Proprietary spacer systems that use aluminized aluminium tape give single and double seal IG manufacturers like you an ongoing production headache.

Tolerances on placing aluminized foil onto the spacer means a gap of up to 3.5mm on the shoulder and this in conjunction with inconsistent PIB application means your customers often see an exposed silver foil on the side of the spacer bar shoulder.

Now you don’t

Multitech G® uses a clear SIOX gas/ MVTR barrier that eliminates the cosmetic problem. All you see is the colour of the secondary sealant/PIB along the shoulder of the spacer bar.

Better looking units 1st time every time. 

Now you see it...

Critical outdoor temperature in °C at which condensation begins on the inside.


Alu-Frame Uf 1.6
Inside 20°C, 50% RH,
Dew Point, 9.3°C,
Double Glazing = 1.1W
Triple Glazing = 0.7W

  • Double Glazing

  • Triple Glazing

Data Sheets & Certification

Multitech G® has been certified by IFT Rosenheim and the German BF Institute with a thermal conductivity level of λ 0.125 W/M²K the best thermal performing spacer bar/system in the world.

This means best overall thermal performance, easy product substitution for energy ratings improved IG unit U values, lower CO² emissions.

Alupro IT are the largest spacer bar producer and supplier in the world and part of the Glass Alliance Group comprising of Rolltech Denmark and FENZI SPA who supply exceptional IG Sealants PS/PU/PIB and Hot Melt for the complete cost effective solutions.

Certified to EN1279 PT2, PT3 and PT4 2018 for peace of mind.

Double IG-unit 4/16/4 con Ug = 1,1 W /m 2 k – ψ values in W/mk

Triple IG-unit 4/12/4/12/4 con Ug = 0,7 W /m 2 k – ψ values in W/mk


The popularity of hot melt single and dual sealed units enables spacer bar manufacturers to optimise product features that are not detrimental to overall product performance to all other systems but can be particularly suited to specific construction methods.

Twin lines of perforations are preferable for hot melt IG unit construction as they ensure expanding air within the spacer during hot melt application can easily pass freely into the cavity airspace and back again as the unit cools.

The desiccant has the opportunity to work straight away unlike spacer tubes with a single row of perforations that can take many weeks to absorb moisture trapped in the air space during manufacture.

Typically single breather hole systems ensure the hot air inside the spacer as it expands is forced out through a corner joint creating a leak path for moisture and gas as the breather holes are too small or few in number to be effective.

Multitech G

Typical Warm Edge Spacer

Multitech G Spacer Bar Ordering Information

** = Colour choice: Dark Grey RAL 9023 (GY), Black RAL 9005 (BK), White RAL 9016 (WH).

Multitech G Spacer Bar (Stillage) Ordering Information

Other sizes available in stillage quantities

Colour Choice

Multitech G Colours

Multitech G 90° Corner Keys Ordering Information

12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm.

Multitech Key 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm

8mm, 22mm and 24mm.

Multitech Key 8mm, 22mm and 24m