Window Products - Friction Stays

Friction Stays

For more than 30 years DGS Hardware has produced in excess of 80 million pairs of friction stays.

Window Products - Restrictors

Restrictors & Catches

Exclusive to DGS. UK made restrictors and catches including 6″, 10″ and Elite restrictors.

Window Products - Espag Bars

Elite Espag Bars

DGS Elite hardware. ALL with universal routing and Silbear 480hr Surface Protection.

Window Products - Tilt and Turn

Tilt & Turn

GU, Roto and Elite Tilt and Turn window gearing. Enables turning and tilting of window sashes.


Cockspur, espag and tilt and turn handles available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Window Products - Ventilation


A extensive range of through frame slotvents and acoustic air control ventilation.

Window Products - Window Gearing

Window Gearing

Duoflex folding window openers and highline window remote high level gearing.

Window Products - Screws


Rapierstar CE Marked screws offer superior performance and the best value for money.