Prostyle ‘Ogee’ System

Straight forward installation and excellent aesthetics are provided by this visually compact yet highly efficient profiled gutter system in a gloss finish. Only 106mm across, the gutter is small enough to be ideally suited to conservatories or bungalows, whilst having sufficient capacity to handle larger houses due to its unique design.

  • Classic ‘ogee’ profiled system.

  • Practical and easy to install.

  • Integral flexible clips on all fittings for easy connection.

  • Outlets and unions feature external fixing wings for power tool access.

  • Manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 607 & EN 1462.

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Porcupipe Bristle Gutter Protector

Brett Martin Porcupipe™ is the simplest way possible to protect your gutters

  • Fits inside the gutter creating a screen from debris entering the system.
  • Easy installation by simply pushing the two metre lengths between the gutter and the roof tiles.
  • High quality polypropylene filaments securely fixed.
  • Flexible central rust-free stainless steel core.
  • Helps prevent entry of birds into the roof space.
  • Can be installed into any Brett Martin channel drain system.