Superior Glasmol Desiccant and Testing Kit.

Superior Grade Desiccant DGS 3Å Molecular Sieve has been specifically developed for use in insulating glass production. The product is suitable for all gas filling types and solvent free sealant systems. This product is fully compliant with EN 1279-2 and EN 1279- 4 : 2018 and manufactured in accordance to IS0 9001 : 2015 quality management system.

Superior Grade Desiccant DGS 3Å Molecular Sieve is available in standard or mini bead sizes.  We also have a desiccant testing kit available exclusive to DGS Group Plc. A quality testing kit including a digital thermometer beakers and scales. Suitable for Delta T Testing.

Glasmol Desiccant has full REACH registration and certification from IFT Rosenheim.

Superior Grade Desiccant

REACH Compliant.

Desiccant Testing Kit

Includes Thermometer and Beakers