112mm Roundstyle Classic Gloss Domestic System

The 112mm Roundstyle Rainwater System in a gloss finish has been specially designed to facilitate fast, efficient and simple installation whilst retaining a traditional rainwater system design. Ideal for a wide range of single and multi-storey dwellings. The choice of colours available allows this rainwater system to blend discretely into a building, regardless of the finish, or stand out as a feature if desired. Brett Martin’s Roundstyle Rainwater System meets all the requirements of the busy installer.

  • Integral flexible clips on all fittings, for easy fixing.
  • Power tool friendly.
  • Outlets and unions feature external fixing lugs for easy access.
  • Sealed fixing points on outlets and unions for simple rafter bracket installation.
  • Sealed internal fixing points on 90º angles prevent the necessity of handed versions.
  • No fittings have open fixing holes in the wet part of the system.
  • Six colour options available in a modern gloss finish.
  • Manufactured to the relevant standard.
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To indicate the product colour(s) required, the following code suffixes should be used: (AW), (B) – Black and (BN) – Brown.

Porcupipe Bristle Gutter Protector

Brett Martin Porcupipe™ is the simplest way possible to protect your gutters

  • Fits inside the gutter creating a screen from debris entering the system.
  • Easy installation by simply pushing the two metre lengths between the gutter and the roof tiles.
  • High quality polypropylene filaments securely fixed.
  • Flexible central rust-free stainless steel core.
  • Helps prevent entry of birds into the roof space.
  • Can be installed into any Brett Martin channel drain system.