Roto NT A Face Fix Tilt and Turn

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The general design description lists characteristics of the Roto NT, A hinge, tilt & turn window hardware.

RotoSil surface protection procedure has been developed by Roto for the hardware product range, based upon galvanising, chromating and an additional sealing. RotoSil enables the hardware components to appear in a smooth silver tone. The quality requirements of RAL-RG 607/3 are exceeded, also the protection effect against acids has been decisevly improved. The surface protection regulations of the RAL quality assurance association in Velbert, Germany are more than fulfilled. Surface protection with RotoSil exceeds the requirements of the following standards:

  • RAL 607/3 (72 hours protection from white rust and 240 hours protection against red rust. Inclusive of cycle testing to 60,000 cycles).
  • BS 6375 pt. 2 “Performance of Windows.”
  • BS EN 1670:2007 part 5.6, grade 5 (480 hours building hardware corrosion resistance).
  • Designed for use on all timber, PVC-U and aluminium windows with a standard eurogroove.
  • Faceplate width 16mm.
  • All cams are adjustable by +/- 0.8mm, meaning adjustments can be made on site
  • 3 locking cam versions. NT components listed here feature 3 different locking cam options that differ in application and adjusting capabilities.

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ROTO NT A Face Fix Diagram

1. Corner Drives

2. Espagnolette

* Lifting and mishandling device is not possible (1)

3. Stay arm 9mm axis

3. Stay arm 13mm axis


4. ROTO ‘A’ stay bearing and stay pin arm

5. Stay guide

* For sash rebate widths smaller than 310mm, the assembly connector clip end of the stay guide, must be removed. Additional stay 292022 required on sashes over 1400mm wide.

6. Centre lock stay guide connector

7. Standard centre lock (vertical)

8. Tilt first corner drives (for tilt first only window)

Special TF corner drive 8a should be used to achieve an SRH of 310mm

9. Standard Centre Lock Horizontal

10. Roto A corner hinge

11. Roto A Pivot rest

12. Compression Striker – Profile related

13. Sash lifting device – R01-260538

14. Striker for sash lifting device –
Profile Related

15. Mis-operation device

16. Optional Connector – R01-350401