Roto NT Designo II Concealed Tilt and Turn

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Window design demands increase in an attractive home. Our concealed hinge side Roto NT Designo masters this discipline with bravura: No hinges visible from the outside, no caps – nothing detracts from the window’s appearance because the less we can see of the technology, the better! The hardware system is suitable for timber, PVC and aluminium windows with 16 mm hardware groove.

Suitable for:

  • Tilt&Turn / Turn-Only windows in timber and PVC
  • For sash weights up to 150 kg
  • Installation, maintenance and operation instructions for PVC windows and balcony doors available from DGS.

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ROTO NT A Designo Concealed Diagram

1. T&T espagnolette, centered/variable handle height Backset 15mm

2. Centre Lock (from SRH 2401mm)

3. Sash Lifting Device Sash Component (Optional)

4. Corner Drive

5. Special Corner Drive

6. Stay Guide

7. Stay Arm

8. Stay Corner Drive

9. Corner Hinge

10. Pivot Rest

11. Centre Lock, Vertical

12. Centre Lock, Horizontal

12. Centre Lock, Horizontal

13. Additional Scissor Stay (from SRW 1201)

14. Turn Restrictor, sash component mandatory from SRW 1000mm

15. Tilt first striker

16. Striker

17. Sash lifting device, (optional) frame component

18. Turn Restrictor, frame component mandatory from SRW 1000mm.

19. Mis-operation Device

i) Not possible in combination with mishandling device
ii) Use special corner drive
iii) Use additional scissor stay from SRW 1201mm


E= Standard Roller Cam P=Security Mushroom Cam