Squarestyle 114mm Modern Gloss Domestic System

The shape of the 114mm Squarestyle Rainwater System combined with its gloss finish provides a very clean and simple look, ideal in structures with contemporary styling. The clean lines of the gutter and downpipe systems give a flow capacity up to 20% higher than half round systems which means not only does Squarestyle look good it performs well. Squarestyle has been a hugely popular system for many years and is suitable for refurbishments and extensions as well as new build projects.

  • Modern appearance.
  • External fixing lugs on fittings for easy installation.

  • Up to 20% higher flow capacity than half round systems.
  • Excellent drainage for larger domestic roofs.

  • Four colour options available in a modern gloss finish.

  • Manufactured to the relevant standard.

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Porcupipe Bristle Gutter Protector

Brett Martin Porcupipe™ is the simplest way possible to protect your gutters

  • Fits inside the gutter creating a screen from debris entering the system.
  • Easy installation by simply pushing the two metre lengths between the gutter and the roof tiles.
  • High quality polypropylene filaments securely fixed.
  • Flexible central rust-free stainless steel core.
  • Helps prevent entry of birds into the roof space.
  • Can be installed into any Brett Martin channel drain system.