ELITE Window and Door Furniture

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Announcing the ELITE Suited Window and Door Furniture range. Exclusively developed by DGS Group Plc to compliment our own range of ELITE Window and Door Locks. Contact us to request our Elite Furniture brochure or visit the links below for more information. The comprehensive range of products includes: ELITE Lever Lever Door Handles ELITE Lever [...]

Rapierstar & DGS Peace Of Mind As Brexit Looms

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Hardware manufacturer and supplier DGS Group Plc and fastener specialist Rapierstar have combined their distribution expertise to provide real supply chain depth, helping window and door fabricators maintain production as Brexit trade deal uncertainty looms. DGS can provide supply assurances thanks to a long-term strategy of building deep stocks of up to six months for [...]

Elite Flush Casement Twin Cam now in stock!

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The new twin cam flush casement is now in stock with keeps to suit major profiles. A high security espagnolette system specifically designed for use in flush casement profiles. This new product incorporates a night vent facility which can be used in new build specification. For ease of fabrication there is [...]

Greenwood Product Sales Milestone

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5000EA Window Vent Range DGS Group is proud to be a part of Greenwood’s Product Sales Milestone – Over 1 Million Units now in operation The range of aesthetic and compact window vents were launched to provide the most optimum solution to changes to Part F Building Regulation requirements for trickle vents (replacement air), and [...]

Why Fit Two When One Will Do?

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Did you know our range of ACOUSTIC vents is unique? Unlike all others on the market the 2500EA and 5000EA vents have one of the best acoustic performances AND AIRFLOW all in one vent, so basically “Why Fit Two When One Will Do?” Features and Benefits of Acoustic Aluminium Window Ventilators The 2500EA and the [...]

Acoustic Aluminium Vents!

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Traditionally if you wanted coloured vents you had to either spray paint them yourself or buy the minimum order quantity of 300 vents – not cheap! Well we are pleased to confirm NEW MINIMUM qty’s for the following. They don’t have to be in box qty, the only requirement is that orders are the base [...]

Rapierstar LFG Screws

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The NEW LFG screw, Rapierstar have designed a new friction stay screw that deals with many of the problems associated with fixing especially with Egress stays. The head has a low profile and is thinner than any standard screw. This means that it will not bind or scrape on the hinge in operation. This is [...]

Georgian lead Profile

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BRAND NEW 18mm and 22mm width Georgian lead profile. The profile not only replicates the look of aluminium Georgian Bars, but outperforms them in many areas of application. What's more, our new specialist powder coating technology ensures the product is suitable for external use. Features include No Cruciform, Two-Tone Bar designs and many more, along [...]

Elite Window and Door Hardware

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The fastest growing product range to date is our very own Exclusive ELITE Window and Door Hardware range. Manufactured in Europe and with our SILBEAR 480 hour salt spray surface protection as standard throughout the complete product range. With Full PAS 24 and SBD accreditation too (where applicable) we are confident we have the right [...]