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Spacer Bar

Besides 2 grades of aluminium spacer bar we carry a range of 5 others all classed as Warmedge and covering all requirements from conventional to commercial units and fire rated. Waremedge spacer bar is now predominant in the UK and Europe.

Sealed Unit Products

We stock the best thermal performance bars in the world.


  1. Polypropylene Truplas – 2 box value 0.15
  2. Polypropylene Thermobar 2 box value 0.14
  3. San DGS Multitech – 2 box value 0.13 – Better for larger units.

Multitech uses a btter, more rigid, more expensive material. If these bars of interest please contact customer services for a quotation.


We only supply pure 3A desiccant giving extended unit life.

Always check the specific gravity of any offered desiccant. Lower specific gravity product now available will shorten the life by plus 25 percent. A problem if you give longer life guarantees – we will not stock them.


We stock and supply hot melt and 2 part polysulphide.