Face Fix Elite Tilt & Turn Introduction

Elite Tilt & Turn enables effortless tilting and turning of window sashes with a single handle operation. Elite hardware can be operated very conveniently and is also available in a high security version. The system can be fitted to a wide range of window sizes and allows for simple integration of components during fabrication process. The Elite Tilt & Turn hardware is fully reliable and adjusted to hard climate.

  • Face fix version only.
  • High-quality material.
  • High quality production and installation of individual hardware sets by using highly automated production.
  • Hardware is easy to maintain, providing a simple and environmentally friendly degradation.
  • Long-term operation and simple installation.
  • Silbear surface protection, providing excellent 480 hour salt spray exposure.

Silbear – High quality surface protection.

Silbear surface protection gives excellent appearance to hardware and simultaneously ensures a long-term and durable surface. It maintains very high corrosion resistance in severe conditions and extreme climate, exceeding Grade 5 of BS EN1670 (480 hours exposure to salt spray), thereby guaranteeing long-term and simple use without any maintenance trouble.

How have we accomplished this? Through a special technological process that consists of electroplated zinc coating and low-temperature thick-layer passivation, followed by application of organic sealant to increase the anti-corrosion properties.

All stay guides with integrated anti-slam lock.

All stay guides with integrated anti-slam lock. Integrated tilt lock keeps the sash in tilted position, thus preventing sash slamming in windy conditions.

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Elite Tilt and Turn Diagram
High Quality Surface Protection

1. T&T Espagnolette M BS 14.5mm

(*Note: Mishandling device not available for this size)

2. Corner Drives

2. Corner Drives (With optional Night Vent) Not shown on diagram

2a. Bottom Corner Drive

3. Short Corner Drives (For SRW 325 – 410mm)

4. Sash Stay Guide

5. Stay Arm Tilt First

5a. Cover Cap for Stay Arm

6. Stay Bearing

6a. Cover Cap for Stay Bearing

7. Centre Lock

8. Centre Lock Bottom

9. Corner Hinges

9a. Cover Cap for Corner Hinge

10. Corner Pivot Rest

10a. Cover Cap for Corner Pivot Rest – Flat

10b. Bottom Cover Cap for Corner Pivot Rest

11. T&T Striker Tilt First

12. Roller Striker

13. Mishandling Device

14. Mishandling Device Striker

For any non flat sashes, ie Selecta Advance Profile 9. Corner Hinges

9a. Cover Cap for Corner Hinge