Swisspacer Introduction

Swisspacer is at the heart of energy saving windows, warm edge spacer bars insulate the edges of an energy efficient sealed unit.

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  • Ideal for Double or Triple glazed windows
  • Swisspacer’s Gas Tight Barriers are 100 percent impermeable to gas and moisture. Well made sealed units with Swisspacer inside using the correct amounts of quality sealants and desiccant continue to save energy and last for years.
  • Swisspacer is a no investment needed spacer bar. It can be used straight out of the box for manual assembly with cut and corner keys on existing machinery
  • You can also weld and bend Swisspacer with a range of high quality machinery
  • Windows with Swisspacer give homeowners lower heating bills and a more comfortable temperature in the home
  • 6.5mm height x 5m length


10,000,000 Metres of Warm Edge Spacer Bar Printed


Swisspacer Ultimate

Swisspacers’ best performing warm edge bar. SAN with a gas retention foil and industry leading performance.

Swiss bar is supplied in 5.1m lengths and is available in boxes and stillages.

Ordering Information

** = Colour choice (Other colours available on request)

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Swisspacer Ultimate