Multitech High Performance Warm Edge Bar

Multitech warm edge bars set new standards for energy efficiency, ease of fabrication and processing.

Certified by IFT Rosenheim to have the lowest thermal conductivity of any spacer system currently available.

Multitech – Best in class with PSI values 2 box = 0.13 w/mk.

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User Advantages

  • Reduces energy bills
  • Condensation inside is reduced
  • Minimal frame damage from fungus
  • Improved door climate

Key Features

  • Optimized multi-layer moisture and gas tight protective foil gives better long term performance
  • Best in class PSI Values – Certified best thermal rating
  • Dual perforations for greater air absorption when using hotmelt
  • Can be substituted into any current window energy rating (WER) simulation
  • Peace of mind – Multitech is manufactured by the Alupro/Rolltech Group who are the largest spacer bar manufacturer in the world with ISO9001 and EN1279 accreditation.
  • Superb bending qualities. (Pre heating) and welding on automatic welding machines as well as cut and assemble with corner keys.
  • Structurally rigid construction with high frame stability
  • Fast clean burr free cutting
  • Superior reduction of CO2 emission
  • Excellent value for money

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Superb Bending Qualities

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