Thiover® ‘Two-component polysulphide sealant for insulating glass’

Thiover is a polysulphide sealant especially formulated for insulating glass. Thiover is totally solvent free and can be used either for the production of single seal or dual seal panels.

  • Excellent performance in terms of thermal insulation
  • Completely solvent free
  • Extremely low permeability to water vapour and gas
  • Conforms to the most advanced criteria for eco compatibility

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Fenzi Thiover

Emcepren 200 LD Polyurethane Insulated Glass Sealant

  • Solvent free two-component polyurethane sealant for edge sealing of all types of insulated glass units
  • Gives primerless adhesion to glass and spacer bars
  • Its rheological properties ensure trouble-free application with both automatic and manual application systems

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Emcepren 200 LD