Lead Adhesive Remover

DGS Lead Adhesive Remover is a cost effective reliable product used for removing excessive lead adhesive.

  • This is the only remover to effectively remove excess adhesive from the glass whilst avoiding damage to the decorative film.
  • Other less aggressive products do not lift the excess adhesive. As a consequence, the adhesive residue can deposit itself on glass washer brushes causing contamination that can lead to smearing on the glass.
  • The more effective the remover, the less product is required; a 500ml container of DGS Lead Adhesive Remover will out perform competitors’ 1000ml products.
  • This product is available in new user-friendly trigger action plastic bottle to improve productivity and reduce wastage.
  • It has been in use for over 15 years with absolutely no quality/reliability issues reported in the field.
  • This is the only product able to remove all other residual adhesives such as bevel glue and film adhesive.

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Lead Adhesive Remover

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