MB111 – Mixed Bed Ion Exchange for Production of Pure DM Water

Tulsion® MB-111 is a mixture of strongly acidic cation exchange resin Tulsion T-40 H in Hydrogen form and strongly basic type I anion exchange resin Tulsion A 33 OH in Hydroxide form in 1:1.5 volume ratio quantities. This resin combines high capacity with excellent chemical & physical properties.
Designed for use in the final polishing for production of pure water for wire EDM industries, where pure water is required.

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Glass Washer Resin

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

High performance, alcohol based cleaner for the cleaning of different types of glass and glass materials. Fast drying. Non-smear formula.

  • Alcohol based.
  • Fast acting and drying.

  • Smear free.

  • Suitable for industrial scale applications.

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Soudal Glass and Mirror Cleaner 1L

Aerosol Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaner is a general purpose alcohol and water based product. On spraying it gives a clear, alcoholic/perfumed colourless liquid. Its high alcohol content makes it suitable for removing dirt, grease, oil, atmospheric film contaminates and finger marks from windows, glass and mirrors.

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Aerosol Glass Cleaner