Stable Door Lock

Innovative solutions for stable doors. Now available with a choice of high security locking solutions for traditional stable doors that are faster to fit and simpler to stock.

Options for Eurogroove or non-Eurogroove

Fuhr multisafe stable door locks are suitable for both Eurogroove and non-Eurogroove applications.

Stable doors for Eurogroove applications

A simple and straight-forward solution for Eurogroove applications which uses a mechanical connection of the top leaf to the bottom leaf by way of a robust shootbolt arrangement.

Stable doors for non-Eurogroove applications

Fuhr multisafe stable doors provide a high quality solution that reduces costs by up to 34 percent compared to traditional stable door gearing for non-Eurogroove applications.

Faster to fit – easy to stock

Just one door bolt plus an accessory kit is all that is required for non-Eurogroove applications. The bottom half of the  door bolt is cut off below the central lock case.


When cropping the door bolt, ensure that the locking points are fully thrown, this will stop any drive rod from showing past the faceplate when operated.

Once fitted, the two halves of the stable door simply click together when you require them to be a conventional door leaf. All components are completely sealed from view.

Fuhr - Stable Doors Image 1
Fuhr - Stable Doors - Image 2

Stable Door Option 1

Option 1

For Tall Doors use 200mm Extension

Stable Door Option 2

Option 2

For Tall Doors use 200mm Extension