Non Suited 10″ Letterplate

Key Product Features

  • ABS robust moulded frame set with internal and external sprung flaps.
  • The external flap has been designed to be opened to approximately 147 degrees, giving generous access to the sleeve aperture.
  • A secondary internal nylon brush seal has been incorporated to reduce air circulation when the letter box is in use.
  • The standard sleeve set is 40-40 and is suitable for door thicknesses of 38 to 78mm.
  • Torsion bars are used to spring load the flaps, this solution has successfully achieved a 40,000 cycle endurance test, opening to 140 degrees. This would equate to use four times a day over a period of 27 years.
  • A 10” ABS framed letterbox that takes full A4 size mail.
  • Aperture size: 216 mm x 38 mm nominal.
  • Option 1: (40-80 Sleeves) for door thicknesses of 38 – 78 mm.

  • Option 2: (20-40 Sleeves) for door thicknesses of 18 – 38 mm.

  • Can be face fixed or through fixing with screws.

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